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EARTHCHAT: Scoop - Natural Treasures Leaflet expanded!

Laurie Macmillan: Chocolate Lily, Lighthouse Park

Peter Mitchell joins Ruth this Tuesday, May14 at noon to give listeners a sneak preview into the latest edition of the ‘Natural Treasures’ in Mitchell Shire prior to its official launch next Sunday, May 19.

This new edition offers 16 more sites for us to explore, and Peter has created reserve notes for every site. There are a lot more nature reserves, roadside wild nature corridors, rail trail reserves, and many more walking tracks, all of which beckon us to put on our boots and get out into nature.

And there’s more…… !

In addition to being able to pick up the leaflet from the Shire’s Libraries and Information Centres from next Monday, May 20, you will also be able to plan your nature expeditions from home via BEAM’s website which goes live at the time of launch (see below). There is also a fabulous "Nature Scavenger Hunt" for children to enjoy.

I’ve been privileged to take a sneak peak at this fabulous new leaflet. Here’s an excerpt:

“This brochure lists the best of the nature reserves in Mitchell Shire which are available to the public. The landscapes of Mitchell Shire have many Natural Treasures including small but rich patches of wildflowers, tree-lined corridors along roadsides, railways and creeks, larger conservation reserves and state forests, and private bushlands.

To find these reserves, download walking maps, and learn more about the natural history that make these Treasures such rich places, go to: (live from Sunday, May 19)

They have a rich diversity of environments…….” “This diversity of environments provides habitat for a wide range of native plants, animals, fungi and bacteria, and all the complex interactions between them. The form a framework of biodiversity that we can use to rebuild healthy ecosystems and landscapes across the Shire”.

What also makes this Natural Treasures’ leaflet so special is that it is the only information of its kind, (thanks to the work of Peter and others acknowledged on the leaflet). Neither Parks Victoria nor Vic Forests offer such extensive and important information.

Join us to hear about these exciting new additions to the leaflet, and to be reminded of all the nature reserves open to the public in this Shire. We often don’t realize how lucky we are to have so many places to immerse ourselves in nature nearby - many more compared to most other Shires in this State.

Join us 12noon, Tuesday 14th May. The show will be repeated on 103.9 SeymourFM at 8am on Saturday. Click here for Seymour FM's website

Can't catch the radio broadcast? Catch up on Spotify, Apple Podcasts,  Podbean and the BEAM website. We make it easy to Earth-Chat!

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