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EARTHCHAT: Sustainable Fashion?

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

This week on EarthChat host Tim Budge chats with Peter Allan about his work in waste management, his recent trip to Africa and practical ideas for reducing waste.

Peter works on waste and has experience with local, State and National waste minimisation programs with a strong focus on all forms of consumer packaging. Peter’s recent relevant experience in strategic waste management planning includes policy development; recycling surveys, management of resource use and recycling programs; government and industry liaison; and development of national packaging covenant action plans.

He was recently involved in a major project with the Australian Fashion Council to develop a National Product Stewardship Scheme for Clothing. Australia imports over $9 billion of new clothes this year, or approximately 15kg for every person in Australia. Globally, only 13% of total material input is recycled after clothing use. Peter has just returned from Ghana and Kenya where he looked at the second-hand clothing industry, which is fed by discarded clothes from Australia and elsewhere.

Aisha Iddrisu and her son Sharif in Kantamanto markets in Ghana.

(ABC Foreign Correspondent: Andrew Greaves)

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