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EARTHCHAT: The Australian Landscape Science Approach

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Our guests on EarthChat are Shelby and Adrian who are passionate custodians of 100 acres of land near Buxton. It has a vertical range of 240 metres and much is ex pine planation that has been affected by forest fires.

We will chat about their mission to tranform the land into a "living landscape" using The Australian Landscape Science (TALS) Approach.

TALS Approach means restoring and managing landscapes based on landscapes and ecosystems as a whole (as opposed to individual paddocks), resulting in maximum productivity, fertility and efficiency in an automatic aggrading landscape that can moderate climate.

Examples of the TALS Approach are the land management and restoration practices developed by Peter Andrews OAM (Natural Sequence Farming) and Michal Kravcik as well as Terraquaculture (water farming) practices described by Prof Haikai Tane.

For advice and consultancy you can email Adrian at

Photo credit: Mostafa Meraji

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