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EARTHCHAT: Victorian Government lifts onshore gas moratorium

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Friday 9 April 10am and Saturday 10 April 8am, with Marie and David:

At a time when the challenge of climate change is confronting our society, the Victorian Labor Government has decided to lift an eight-year moratorium on onshore conventional gas exploration and production in Victoria.

Lawyer James Gaffey will urge a re-think on lifting the moratorium and will call for an accelerated transition to a clean energy future for Victoria. He will recognise a strictly limited and short-term role for fossil gas, while urging the Government to step away from the notion of gas as a ’transitional’ fuel and instead make a decisive shift to a renewables re-booted economy, with a core focus on revitalising our manufacturing sector and complying with the Climate Change Act 2017 (Vic).

He will argue that the economic and social benefits for regional Victoria outweigh any that might accrue from the extraction of gas in our country areas.

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