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20 Jan 2023:

North East Representative of the First People’s Assembly of Victoria, Leanne Miller, joins Ruth and Phil to bring us the latest TREATY NEWS.

We are delighted to have Leanne Miller back on EarthChat having had to twice postpone TREATY programs late last year due to Seymour’s flood event resulting in Seymour FM having to get the radio station rebuilt and back on air.

Much has happened on the TREATY front since she was with us in June last year. Leanne will catch us up on outcomes from the Chamber Meetings at Lakes Entrance; developments with the Treaty Authority and the Self Determination Fund; plus the Treaty Negotiation Framework. And an update on the latest Yoorrook Justice Commission Hearings.

We look forward to hearing how the TREATY process been impacted by the recent State Government election resulting in a new minister overseeing the Labour Government’s part in the process?

And now, with a change of government in the Federal arena supporting the YES Vote, what are the implications for TREATY in Victoria? What will be the right fit for everyone?

Leanne will fill us in on this and more, including what to expect from the First People’s Assembly of Victoria’s big year coming up in 2023.

Join us for this important news from the First People’s Assembly of Victoria. Remember TREATY in Victoria is for all Victorians. Learn how to become an active part of this process by becoming an ally, sign up to Team Treaty:

Further information:

And to find out about the Yoorrook Justice Commission Hearings whose findings will create the basis for the first complete history for this country:

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