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EARTHCHAT: Victorian Treaty, Yoorrook Justice Commission, Voice to Parliament

Updated: May 6, 2023

The North East Representative of the People’s Assembly of Victoria, Leanne Miller, returns to EarthChat to talk with Ruth and Phil about the latest Victorian Treaty news, the Yoorrook Justice Commission, and the Voice to Parliament.

Topics will include the upcoming elections for FPA this month, and how the next stage of negotiating the statewide Treaty itself is planned to unfold now that the Treaty foundations and process are in place.

How does the implementation of Treaty then happen by the Vic State Government? Do non indigenous Victorians also need to vote for Treaty, or will it simply be legislated in the Victorian parliament?

Leanne will speak about the invitation to non indigenous Victorians to "Walk with Us”. How can non indigenous people in Victoria take part and assist in the process?

We will also take time to talk about the Voice to Parliament and hear both points of view, for and against, from an indigenous perspective.

Leanne brings the latest news from the Yoorrook Justice Commission hearings, the 'first time' a formal process for recording indigenous history is occurring in this country.

Join us for this important update.

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