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UPDATE: BEAM's vision and goals

The committee of BEAM Mitchell Environment Group resolved at the end of 2022 to revise our priorities and goals for the coming years.

We're really happy to share with our members and supporters our updated vision, principles and goals - READ THE PLAN HERE

This guiding plan was put together after we surveyed our wider membership for their input, and held a facilitated planning day to review our vision, principles and goals. We then held a final workshop to bring all the threads together. The outcome of this process is this plan and its six goals that provide focus for our group’s work

The timeframe of this plan is five years, from 2023-2028. We will review the plan during this period, with the aim to revise on (at least) an annual basis.

Our vision

A thriving community that is locally active for a healthy environment.

Our principles

  • Advocate and act to protect natural systems and ecologies

  • Respect First Nations’ connection to this Country and be informed by their wisdom and knowledge

  • Recognise our place and responsibilities in local and wider ecosystems

  • Support each other and collaborate with others

  • Respect each other and celebrate diversity and difference

  • Be accountable for what we say and do

  • Respect for every living being and their communities

Our goals

  1. Double BEAM’s membership and increase member commitment and action

  2. Build an ongoing relationship with Taungurung and Wurundjeri

  3. Protect, expand and restore natural habitat in our region

  4. Champion renewable energy and emissions reduction in our region

  5. Improve waste management and recycling in the Shire

  6. Support local food systems

Would you like to get involved, to bring our goals to life? We are volunteer-run and driven by the energy and passion of our members - join BEAM today!

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