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EARTHCHAT: Breaking the cycle of intergenerational trauma

3&4 Dec:

Ruth's guest, Kate Lewer, offers Theraplay for healing and strengthening parent/child relationships.

Theraplay places a priority on strengthening the parent/child relationship as the way to create change for a child or within a family. Strengthening the parent/child relationship will always contribute positively to a child’s mental health, regardless of the specific symptoms or mental health diagnosis.

Parents usually raise their children as they were raised. Sometimes this means unconsciously passing on intergenerational trauma to the next generation so help is needed to recognise this is happening and to break the cycle to raise healthier and happier children.

With the support of the Theraplay practitioner, parents learn to play with their child in a way that establishes felt safety, increases social engagement, expands arousal regulation, and supports the development of positive self-esteem for both the child and the parent.

Local resident, Kate Lewer, tells us how Theraplay liberates parents from their traumatic childhoods to move away from the parenting model they experienced growing up.

Kate has worked in Mental Health for some 25 years. She was inspired after participating in the first Theraplay® Trainings in Australia to incorporate Theraplay in her work to commence supervision with Dr Phyllis Rubin. Kate went on to gain the Highest Theraplay Training, becoming a Certified Theraplay Practitioner, Trainer and Supervisor. She is passionate about supporting others to integrate Theraplay and to embrace the road to certification to enable Theraplay to be spread throughout Australia.

Kate currently works at Nexus Primary Health in Victoria, Australia as their Theraplay coordinator.

Theraplay therapists are experienced, licensed clinicians with expertise in complex trauma, grief, attachment and developmental disorders. All are licensed social workers, occupational therapists, counsellors, and psychologists with advanced degrees in other modalities. Theraplay is being used in over 36 countries.

Kate Lewer, (B App Sci (Occupational Therapy), Grad Dip Ed)

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