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EARTHCHAT: Climate Emergency in Mitchell Shire

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

Climate Emergency in Mitchell Shire: what does this mean; can I become involved?

Mitchell Shire Council acknowledged that we are in a Climate Emergency back in 2020.

Mitchell Shire Council has taken the next step of developing a Climate Emergency Action Plan, and this is currently in development as a community collaboration led by Council.

Brendan Garrett is Mitchell Shire’s Sustainability Officer and is the primary contact in this process.

EarthChat discusses the evolution of the Climate Emergency Action Plan in our shire, and what it may promise as a Plan to guide or prepare the community for expected climate emergencies, like fires, floods, blackouts. Emissions reduction and mitigation are the key areas of action.

What do these look like in our shire? Reducing carbon emissions is an opportunity for all of us. Drive less, grow more food at home, but less produce wrapped in plastic. And mitigation is about preparing to be more resilient in extremes - fire plans, flood plans, extreme heat plans. So planting more trees, lots of trees is a good start.

Join Peter Lockyer with Brendan Garrett on EarthChat this Friday on 103.9 Seymour FM. Good conversations that will draw you in. It’s all about our community.

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