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EARTHCHAT: Climate Safe Rooms – retrofitting to create refuges for heatwaves and extreme cold

19 January 2024:

Climate Safe Rooms is a Climate retrofitting project to create refuges in low-income households during heatwaves and extreme cold.

As our weather bobs around all over the place, and the expected extra hot and dry summer has become a mix of deluge and high humidity, local action on climate has many faces.

This week EarthChat is joined by the Mitchell Community Energy new President, John Thompson, and he is fired up about Seymour being the springboard for community action that contributes to the recently adopted Mitchell Shire Climate Emergency Action Plan: from linking with the Seymour Buslines EV bus pilot; to direct action making inefficient homes more liveable when the mercury hovers above 40°C for a week.

We are also joined by Geelong Sustainability chairperson David Spear with some insights into the Climate Safe Rooms project. The Climate Safe Rooms project was funded by the Victorian Government as a pilot, to retrofit one room in a vulnerable household to be comfortable in extremes of heat, and cold. This has clear health benefits to the householder, and energy savings. Keeping someone safe in their home is a preferred option to relocation to a library or supermarket for the air-conditioning. An energy audit, door and window seals, a solar system and a reverse cycle split system are amongst the changes introduced, but as a pilot project - where to now?

Geelong Sustainability are award winners in innovative local action on climate. Is this the path for Seymour?

Join Peter Lockyer and John Thompson on EarthChat this week for good news to meet challenges to climate in our local community. In just one hour, you may gain an insight to change your life forever. Or close to it.

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