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EARTHCHAT: Conservation Covenants and why they matter

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Join Tim, Peter and their guest Shelagh Curmi, the Goulburn-Broken Manager for Trust for Nature (TfN), as they chat about conservation covenants.

Around Mitchell Shire and across Victoria there are many landholders who want to be more actively preserving native habitat on their land. Trust for Nature can help! It is one of Australia’s oldest conservation organisations whose goal is to protect and restore places in Victoria where wildlife and native plants can thrive. They do this by working with private landholders, volunteers, government agencies and others with similar vision. One of the main ways is through conservation covenants, which protect native plants and wildlife. These legally binding agreements allow private landholders to conserve natural habitat on their properties in perpetuity. Since their establishment in 1972, Trust for Nature has negotiated more than 1,500 covenants and protected more than 72,000 hectares.

Shelagh has been working for TfN for 25 years. She will share with us her love of the bush, the current big priorities for TfN and how she still gets excited about new areas of bush being protected!

Shelagh with an ancient Eucalyptus camaldulensis (river red gum)

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