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EARTHCHAT: Opportunities to take action on climate change in 2022 and beyond

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

28 & 29 Jan 2022:

Ruth's guests Dr. Kate Auty and Georgia Webster discuss how we stay aware, awake, and active during this decade to ensure we effectively cut emissions by 2030. We'll highlight many ways we can make positive impacts to alleviate the climate crisis. Everyone’s contribution counts!

Life is busy, and we have much to deal with right now, especially with the pandemic continuing its impact on our daily lives - a constant distraction from the climate crisis alert in August 2021 by the United Nation’s IPCC report, urgently calling on all humans to proactively attend to what has now become a global emergency.

Most people are concerned about climate change but don’t commonly talk about it with people they know, this is referred to as “climate silence”. Climate Silence occurs for many reasons. People may think climate change is too politically divisive or that they don’t know enough about the issue. They may think that climate change is too overwhelming, distant, frightening, or uncomfortable to talk about. And many people may not realise that simply talking about climate change can be an important step toward addressing the problem.

We need to feel we’re not contributing to this serious problem. We need to know we are part of ongoing solutions, and we’re doing our bit!

Kate, Georgia, and Ruth will talk about ways we can do just that, and how we can stay connected to others who are also taking part in reducing emissions. We’ll talk about ways to keep informed with the latest information so we can be part of an active community intelligently caring for the planet, and each other.

We’ll alert you to local initiatives that are making a difference to our communities already and how we can build upon these to support and strengthen our region.

“If not us, then who? If not now, then when?”

(Hillel the Elder, 1st Century AD)

EarthChat on 103.9 Seymour FM on Friday at 10am, repeated on Saturday at 8am.

Listen up and get fired up.

Tune in to BEAM's radio program EarthChat each Friday on Seymour FM at 10am or to the repeat on Saturday at 8am.

Time to tune in, listen up and get active EarthChatters!

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