EARTHCHAT: Reflections

31 Dec 2021 & 1 Jan 2022:

EARTHCHAT REFLECTIONS: BEAM members contemplate the events of 2021 and explore priorities for 2022.

Join Ruth and fellow BEAM members, Phil Bourne, Jessica Bateman, Bernadette Young, and Brian Bowring as they reflect on the good and not so great outcomes that came out of the last two Covid years. What feels important to focus our energy on in the year ahead?

Topics will include the latest United Nations IPCC scientific report showing that the world will probably reach or exceed 1.5 degrees C (2.7 degrees F) of warming within just the next two decades. Whether we limit warming to this level and prevent the most severe climate impacts depends on our actions taken this decade.

BEES! Not enough food for them this Summer!

Australia's indigenous community welcome us white fellas to country. They say it’s time to reimagine Australia.

The People’s Assembly of Victoria, led by indigenous elders continue to negotiate a treaty for all Victorians with the Victorian State Government. Is the colonial tide turning to dismantle racism in Australia?

The future of work, based on a green economy: Re-powering Australian manufacturing with renewable energy means thousands of new jobs in the regions, massive economic opportunities and rapid emissions reduction.

Non government initiatives and achievements - which organisations need our support in 2022? Examples: - Exciting new green innovations such as the world's most powerful small wind turbine has come out of the Hunter Valley, ( - The bio-digester that turns farm waste into fertiliser and electricity…..(