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EARTHCHAT: Sustainable House Day

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

What is a Sustainable House? Can a house actually be sustainable, or are we talking about a transition?

Sustainable House Day has been a popular event in Australia for would-be new home builders to “have a look at what’s around”. What works, what does it cost, is that MY aesthetic?

Sustainable House Day is usually in September, but this year it is late March, and EarthChat is getting in early.

James Bramwell from Sustainability Victoria joins EarthChat to discuss various aspects of the Sustainable House conversation. Can a house BE sustainable or are we really talking about reducing our footprint?

What does the 7-star national building code standard look like? It is currently being implemented. What about those in energy inefficient houses? How can they improve their comfort and reduce their energy costs? We look at a recent systematic “retrofit” of 1000 Victorian houses.

Then there are the lifestyle choices: live with less, what energy efficient fixed appliance options are available?

A Net Zero House. What is this and is this a practical option for renters, or those in old housing stock and without an income? What support can one expect in Victoria?

Join Peter Lockyer and David Clarey with guest James Bramwell for a lively conversation about different aspects of a “Sustainable House”. Think about your house. What can you do?

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