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EARTHCHAT: The Off Grid Living Festival

Friday 16 April 10am and Saturday 17 April 8am:

The Off Grid Living Festival was held last weekend in El Dorado in NE Victoria.

It was, is, a showcase of a lot of information about sustainability in its many aspects.

“Get informed, Get inspired, Get off the grid”

The Off-Grid Living Festival is the best and biggest sustainability event in Australia, that still has a grassroots vibe. With a huge array of unique exhibits, talks, workshops and people from all walks of life here to inspire you!

Kate Nottingham is the Festival organiser, and joins EarthChat this week to talk about the festival origins, its focus, its demographic and some of the stand-out events.

The off-grid living festival enables and empowers people to take their energy needs into their own hands, transition to sustainable lifestyles, build skills and resources for self-sufficiency, meet industry experts, see unique crafts and connect with like-minded friends.

This festival is for people who are just starting to think about sustainable living, those who are ready to take one step off the grid and off-grid enthusiasts alike. From luxury off-grid housing and vehicles through to minimalist survival skills and tiny houses, it's all at the Off-Grid Living Festival.

Join Peter Lockyer and David Clarey, and our guest Kate Nottingham for some unpacking of this great festival. It's not like the Seymour Expo at all!

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Time to tune in, listen up and get active EarthChatters!

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