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EARTHCHAT: What does a river mean to you?

This Friday, Vanessa Malandrin will be talking about rivers, water resource management and an interesting PhD research project. The research, led by Madeline Grupper from the University of Melbourne, looks at how people in the Goulburn Broken River Catchment think about rivers and water use. The goal is to better understand how people value the Goulburn River, and how they would like to see water used in future, in the hope to help building a shared understanding of river priorities to inform managers' decision-making. This work is part of a broader project for the Goulburn-Broken Catchment Management Authority and has received funding from the One Basin Cooperative Research Centre.

Join the conversation on EarthChat, Friday 23rd February at 10am on Seymour FM, repeated at 8am on Saturday. It should be interesting and inspiring.

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