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EARTHCHAT: Creating a Climate Ready Victoria

9 February 2024:

A Climate Ready Local Community is a focus of BEAM Mitchell Environment Group in 2024. Encouraged by the Mitchell Shire’s Climate Emergency Action Plan, a number of engaging local initiatives are in the pipeline, like the Climate Safe Room discussed on EarthChat on 19 Jan 2024.

Friends of the Earth are active in this space, and have developed a suite of policy initiatives for the State Government, being Climate Ready Victoria. Getting in early in readiness of climate change is cheaper and safer than “putting it off”.

The summer of 2023-24 has already seen enormous impacts on the people and landscapes of Victoria. So whilst the weather has been cooler and the landscape greener than we were expecting locally, let us remember the early season bushfires in Gippsland and repeat flooding challenges across the State.

Cam Walker, the Campaigns Co-Ordinator with Friends of the Earth (who are 50 years old!!), joins us to explain the Climate Ready Victoria initiative:

• Bus Reform

• Protecting Forests and Improving bushfire responses

• Restoring native forests under Traditional Owner management

• A Community Climate Adaptation Fund, and

• Gas substitution and Home electrification

Brian Bowring will cast a local and gardener innovation perspective. Brian has a few pet projects in the very space that is climate adaptation, and his water food gardens and hempcrete experiments will complement the Climate Ready Victoria discussion. And he is fun to yarn with.

Join Peter Lockyer, with Brian Bowring in the Studio and Cam Walker from Friends of the Earth on the phone. From government policy initiatives to local action on climate, this week’s EarthChat promises some lively and relevant conversation. Community radio at its talkative best. Well, listen up and you be the judge.

EarthChat at 10am this Friday on 103.9FM here in Seymour - right into your radio yonder.

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